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“I’ve been waiting for somebody to write this book for years. Finally, an authoritative go-to source for the biggest flashpoint of modern times, that of China and the West. The Epic Split is packed full of great insights and anecdotes. 

– Rob Carnell, Chief Economist, Asia-Pacific, ING Bank 


“Nylander does a superb job of unpacking the state of decoupling between US and China”

– Paul Triolo, head of geotechnology at Eurasia Group


“Essential reading.”

– Risto E J Penttilä, Secretary General, European Business Leaders’ Convention


This book is about the greatest break-up the world has ever seen.


The conflict between the world’s two biggest economies is far from being just about trade. It’s a fierce and escalating battle between two ideologies. If the past decades were characterized by globalization, the next may well be all about decoupling: the disintegration of the relationship between the US and China. 


Companies are leaving China, no question. And consumers around the world say they prefer products not made there. It’s clear that ‘Made in China’ is going out of fashion. 


However, this is not a book about the world going up in flames. It’s about change and opportunities.


For China, the conflict has given new urgency to the need to modernize its economy and become more self-reliant in technology. For international companies and for governments around the world, it has been a wake-up call to cut dependency on Chinese supply chains, against a backdrop of rising consumer skepticism toward China. The world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, Samsung Electronics, recently closed down its last factory in China. More will follow. 



“Concise, and highly entertaining.”

– Louis-Vincent Gave, CEO Gavekal Research 


“It was a pure pleasure reading his book. Highly relevant – and elegant.”

– Ulf Ohrling, founder and director Ohrling Advisory Ltd

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