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Mr. Clean
– Cash, Drugs and the CIA:
The True Story of a Master Money Launderer

By Bruce Aitken

Foreword by
Howard Marks (aka Mr. Nice)
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Crime Memoir, Now Optioned for a TV Drama Series, Recounts the Life and Times of a ‘Cleaner’ Who Moved Untold Millions for the CIA, Government Officials, Financiers and Drug Lords During the 1970s and 80s

Published out of Hong Kong in collaboration with One Hour Asia Media Limited, Bruce Aitken's Mr. Clean – Cash, Drugs and the CIA: The True Story of a Master Money Launderer is the true and unvarnished memoir of a man whose extraordinary life and times map over a golden age of international intrigue, handshake deals, banking secrecy and globe-trotting glamor.

“What started innocently enough,” Aitken writes, “led me to a world of money laundering, and of moving millions of dollars for some of the world’s most notorious and shady characters — including the CIA, government officials, financiers and well-known drug lords.”

“The mystery money mover.”

— The Sydney Morning Herald


“The beauty of the book you hold in your hands is that it offers a unique and perfect insight into the money-laundering world.”

— Howard Marks, aka Mr. Nice


“For much of the 1970s and 1980s, Bruce Aitken ferried cash around Asia. Some of his clients were marijuana smugglers.”

— The New York Times