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Shenzhen Superstars
– How China's smartest city is challenging Silicon Valley

By Johan Nylander
• Amazon bestseller
• Awarded: 100 Best Startup Books of All Times, by BookAuthority

“A powerful book.”

- Akash Karia, Amazon bestselling author and global public speaker


“As entertaining as it is informative.”

– The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong


“An exemplary short, concise and up-to-date book about China in general and Shenzhen in particular”.

- Frédéric Cho, leading China advisor and Vice Chairman of Sweden-China Trade Council


This short but powerful book is about the fastest growing city in history – Shenzhen.


It’s the story about how a Chinese fishing village became a global economic powerhouse of innovation and technology. Just four decades ago Shenzhen was a backwater area, populated by fishermen and rice farmers. Today, it’s home to up to 20 million people and some of the world’s leading technology companies and most innovative tech startups. 


No other city better symbolizes the rise of modern China. And no other city challenges Silicon Valley more aggressively as the global hub for innovation and technology startups. In many ways, the Chinese city has already outsmarted the Valley.


“Shenzhen has an energy of growth – the same energy I felt when I first came to Silicon Valley ten years ago. And it’s not just in technology. It’s this idea that whoever you are, whatever you’re into, you can come to China, and especially Shenzhen, and do it!” American entrepreneur Scotty Allen says in the book.


Shenzhen Superstars is written for anyone who wants to be part of this raging growth story – no matter if you’re a tech buff, investor or just someone curious about knowing what’s driving the future.


As a journalist for CNN, Forbes and other international media, Johan Nylander has witnessed the astonishing transformation of the south Chinese city. Its speed, energy and determination are just mind-blowing. His aim is to take you inside, to the very heart of what is shaping this vibrant city.




“I like the journalistic quality of the book – there are so many great anecdotes that speak louder than facts and figures could.”

- Asia Times


“Short, sharp and to the point.”

- South China Morning Post


"Awesome book, super helpful and well written. Enjoyed it a lot!"

- Joris Lam, found of tech startup ULTRA IoT


“Johan Nylander is very professional, very knowledgeable about Shenzhen”

- Naomi Wu, a.k.a Sexy Cyborg. Shenzhen hacker and cyber icon 




“In terms of hardware plus software innovation, Shenzhen is ahead of the curve.”

– Jeffrey Towson, private equity investor and Peking University professor


“The next ten years will be the era of robots and intelligent machines, and Shenzhen will play well to that.”

– Jixun Foo, managing partner of GGV Capital


“Shenzhen is just better than Silicon Valley in terms of hardware and software integration.”

– Qin Li, CEO of startup Sennotech


“If you’re not already in Shenzhen, you're crazy.”

– Edith Yeung, general partner of 500 Startups

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