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"A master of his chosen trade" - media reviews of Mr. Clean

"Asked how much cash he carried onto international flights over his career as a prolific money launderer, he pauses and says, 'Twenty to 25 million [US dollars].'”

– John Silvester, The Age

"From smuggling US dollars into Saigon during the Vietnam war to later missions around Asia with his customised golf bag, Bruce Aitken revelled in his job."

– South China Morning Post

"The author tells some fascinating tales. Just a word of caution to any readers who envy Aitken his previous life of adventure: Don’t try this at home."

Bradley K. Martin, Asia Times

Bruce Aitken's Crime Memoir, Optioned for TV, Recounts Life and Times of a 'Cleaner' Who Moved Millions for the CIA, Government Officials, Financiers and Drug Lords During the 1970s and 80s

'Catch Me if You Can' meets 'The Shawshank Redemption'

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