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Ready for pre-order: Mr. Clean – Cash, Drugs and the CIA: The True Story of a Master Money Launderer

We're happy to announce that Bruce Aitken's new book, "Mr. Clean – Cash, Drugs and the CIA: The True Story of a Master Money Launderer," now is ready for pre-order on Amazon.

What started innocently enough led Bruce Aitken to moving millions of dollars for some of the world’s most notorious and shady characters – including the CIA, government officials, financiers and well-known drug lords.

It was a life of first-class flights and five-star hotels – a lavish, globe-trotting lifestyle, yes, but one always fraught with risk too.

And in the end, it all caught up with him. Aitken was illegally kidnapped by American agents, and suddenly found himself staring down the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars.


Howard Marks, aka ‘Mr. Nice’, writes in his foreword: “I first met Bruce in the early 1980s ... and we immediately formed a solid rapport. He was a master of his chosen trade and helped me clean up some cash that I had earned through smuggling. Reading about his two decades of laundering vividly brought back to me all the excitement, glamor and sheer fun that an international jet-setting life of crime invariably imparts [as well as] the paranoia and nerve-racking horror of his chosen lifestyle.”

Hope you all enjoy ;)

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